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Commitment Celebration

Wairarapa Wedding Venue

                                                      Please note that we are not taking any further wedding enquires. 

                                                              Thank you for your co-operation.


“I Do Without the To Do’s”

No legal binds,

A celebration of your love for each other.


“Love on Olivio~nor”

The ideal venue to express your love for one another without the legal documents.  It is an opportunity to have friends and family witness your commitment in a unique way. A fun, relaxed, bespoke event reflecting who you are as individuals.

Your Commitment Celebration Includes:


Celebration - Backdrop


(commitment person)






Bespoke Celebration – 3 hours

Guest Packages 20, 30 & 50 upon enquiry.

(Add-on)  Two night's private accommodation at our luxury Villa (enquires welcome)

NEW! Exclusive Gin Caravan Optional Extra

For your intimate Love on Olivio~nor wedding, add an exclusive gin bar for your guests.
Good as Gold Caravan Bar will serve new era modern gin and tonics with locally
produced handcrafted boutique gins, garnished to perfection in the stunning
grounds of Olivio~nor to you and your wedding guests.

Find out the ginny details of what you and your guests will receive with our Gin Caravan Package.

 Sheryl Anton is your  Commitment Celebration Wedding & Event Co-ordinator



by appointment

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