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3 Reasons why you should Elope Rather Than Get Married.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

3 things we’ve heard from couples contemplating an elopement - and guess what?

Party Pooper - they’re all false 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1. A registry office?! Nope! You can elope ANYWHERE! Beach, vineyard, a mountain in the snow - where’s your dream destination for you and your love? 🏔🤍 2. Ummm no party? We LOVE to party! 🥳 Who else do you need other than you two 🥂 and a few friends (if you want) 3. Elopements aren’t pretty…are you friggin kidding me??? They’re some of the most beautiful weddings, & so easily styled in to what you like 🌾🌸 Dream big lovers, your imagination is the limit to your elopment love🌙✨ Planning Your Elopment?

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And remember The Team at Olivio~nor are the Romantics who make can make your Elopement in the Wairarapa A Truly Romantic and Special Event.


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